We want to improve the quality of life for patients
suffering from fatigue.

To do so, we will develop a multi-sensor armband and an accompanying app.

Smartband technology

Mood button

You can combine all the measured data with your individual mood and fatigue by pressing a button.

Low energy consumption

The microchip sends the collected data to the smartphone through bluetooth low energy. An e-ink display depicts all the relevant information.

Measure external factors

Ambient brightness, temperature or noise are factors which are monitored through sensors.

Measure internal factors

The smartband can also measure vital parameters like heart rate or body temperature.

App technology

Visualizing all data

The collected data is shown in different graphs to get better insights. You can switch between activity, sleep, heart rate, body temperature, noise and ambient light among others.

Cognitive test

The cognitive test is a stress test to evaluate your current cognitive performance level as an indication for ‚brain fog‘. It is also used to infer your current fatigue status.


The overview shows you how your individual fatigue parameters are at the moment and displays a recommendation regarding your personal activity level.

Doctors view

The doctors view is a summary of all the relevant data for health care professionals, so that discussions can be led with objective data.


What is Fatigue?​

Fatigue is a syndrome. It accompanies many different chronic diseases (for example cancer, multiple sclerosis and myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome among others). It’s characterized by excessive tiredness, which does not improve well through sleep and is disproportional to any previous activity.

We want to emphasize that fatigue is not equal to depression.


From an outside perspective it is difficult to imagine how impactful the level of fatigue is on any given patient. However, it is important to recognize that it is more than just being tired, as patients describe their fatigue as:

exhaustion, weakness, a lack of energy, feeling drained, an inability to stand for even a few minutes, an inability to walk even a few blocks without exhaustion, and an inability to sustain an activity for any significant length of time.

Our team

Alexander Krawinkel

Yasin Edin

Dominik Stiegeler

Benedict Höger


Kira HülsdünkeR

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